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      Box Forming Machine Manufacturers in the World

      Box Forming Machine: Top 10 Manufacturers in the World


      In packaging operations, box-forming machines are key to the design and assembly of boxes. These can convert flat cardboard sheets into usable and versatile boxes of different sizes and shapes in a fast and efficient way due to precision engineering and smart automation.

      The top 10 world’s best manufacturers of box-forming machines have heavily invested in research & development (R&D) to create high-speed production, perfect folding/gluing, and customizing machinery for making boxes. These box-forming machines aim at enhancing productivity, reducing worker costs, as well as ensuring consistent quality while making boxes.

      As a result, they have become essential tools in various industries like food & beverage, e-commerce, pharma, and logistics with seamless packaging being critical to production presentation and protection. This article will reveal the top 10 companies that manufacture box-making equipment globally that have made a significant contribution to the packaging industry. These firms have established themselves as leaders within the sector thanks to their dedication to technological innovation, good product qualities as well as the highest possible customer satisfaction levels.

      1. Box forming machine: top 10 manufacturers in the world

      The following is the list of the top 10 box forming machine manufacturers in the world.

      Top 1: Lan Sheng (China)

      Lan Sheng logo

      Website –

      Established – 2012

      Products and services –

      • Box forming machine
      • Paper plate forming machine
      • Die cutting machine
      • Paper cup forming machine
      • Double wall cup forming machine
      • Soup bowl forming machine
      • Flexographic printing machine
      • Paper cup packing machine
      • Automatic paper lid-cover machine
      • Plastic lid and cover machine
      • Double wall cup forming machine
      • High-speed paper cup-forming machine and more!

      Founded in 2012 and specializing in fine-quality paper products, Lan Sheng is a company with a reputation built on trust and commitment to innovation and sustainability. As such, it has established itself as a leading name in the packaging sector.

      Some of their best-selling items include paper cup-forming machines, die-cutters, and double wall cup-forming machines among others. Heba’s tenure as CEO has seen tremendous expansion and an emphasis on customer satisfaction. They aim to make this company the most reliable brand in the packaging industry.

      Top 2: Anybox Machine (China)

      Anybox Boxmaker logo

      Website –

      Established – 2014

      Products and services –

      • Box-making machines
      • Carton box machines
      • Packaging machines
      • Fanfold machines
      • Hot melt machines
      • Boxmaker machines
      • Corrugated box machine and more!

      Since 2014, Any Box Machine has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality machines for box making. Premium quality materials and international standard products are employed at all times when servicing the clients by Any Box Machine.

      Its highly-trained team works with experienced workers to ensure that it produces top-notch products that can be shipped to customers worldwide. They also offer excellent after-sales services and outstanding customer support.

      Any Box Machine has a global presence through its installations of more than one hundred units across over thirty countries around the world. The company aims to give satisfaction to its customers by not only offering quality service but also high-quality standards on their custom needs to build long-term relationships with them.

      Top 3: Endurance Machinery (India)

      Endurance Machinery logo

      Website –

      Established – 1968

      Products and services –

      • Die cutting
      • Auto line
      • 2-layer corrugation line
      • Automatic box making
      • Corrugated box making
      • Print Finishing
      • Folding cartons segment
      • Print Finishing
      • Spares, materials, and accessories
      • Rigid box-making line
      • Bindery notebooks and converting
      • Paper guillotine
      • Allied equipment for box making and more!

      Founded in 1968, Endurance Machinery is one of the best companies that specialize in delivering reliable and high-tech machinery for several industries. With a concentration on performance and durability, the company provides a wide range of machines including automatic box-making, print finishing, rigid box-making lines, folding carton segments, paper guillotine, spares, materials, accessories, and more.

      Their machines are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty procedures, ensuring long-lasting efficiency and performance. Their team works hard to deliver all the orders to their customers globally.

      With its reliable and high-tech machines and customer-centric approach, the company is a leading name in the machinery industry. Their after-sale service is also top notch which makes it a top contender to buy machines.

      Top 4: Memory Repro (India)

      Memory Repro logo

      Website –

      Established – not specified

      Products and services –

      • Rigid-making equipment
      • Pre-Press equipment
      • Punch and bender for sheetfed offset
      • Punch and bender for web offset
      • Lamination machines
      • Gluing machine
      • Taping machine
      • Board grooving machine
      • Hard case binding equipment
      • Label pre-press equipment
      • Off-set printing consumables and more!

      When it comes to packaging solutions, Memory Repro is a company you should consider for your business needs. The company specializes in providing high-tech performance-packed machines to their customers globally.

      Memory Repro provides a wide range of products including taping machines, board grooving machines, hard case binding equipment, rigid box equipment, off-set printing consumables, and more.

      With a solid focus on customer demands, the company serves every client by providing complete after-sale services and high-quality products. Their advanced equipment and skilled workers make sure that customers receive high-quality services that meet their specific needs.

      Top 5: My Way (China)

      My Way logo

      Website –

      Established – 2010

      Products and services –

      • Carton erector machine
      • Wrapping machine
      • Shrink wrapping machine
      • Palletizers
      • Strapping machines
      • Case packer machines
      • Cartooning machines
      • Balling machines
      • Flow wrapper machine
      • Plastic bag machine
      • Carton sealing machine and more!

      My Way was established in 2010, the company is a full-service provider in the packaging field, that specializes in high-tech solutions. With nearly 300 workers, 2 production facilities, and 2 factories, the company operates worldwide, serving its clients in over 100 countries.

      Their wide range of products includes carton erectors, wrapping machines, strapping machines, flow wrapper machines, case packers, cartooning machines, sealing machines, Palletizers, and more.

      My Way prioritizes client satisfaction, aiming to be the leading partner rather than just a customer, and invests over 15 percent of its income in research and development to deliver innovative technical solutions.

      Top 6: Feida Machine (China)

      Feida Machine logo

      Website –

      Established – 2012

      Products and services –

      • Carton erecting machine
      • Roll die-cutting machine
      • Rolle die punching machine
      • Flexo printing machine
      • Paper box forming machine
      • Paper cake box machine
      • Paper plate-making machine
      • Full stripping roll die cutting machine and more!

      Founded in 2012 Feida Machinery is a manufacturer and supplier, specializing in R&D, high-quality products, and after-sale service of various machines. Their machines include carton erecting machines, roll die cutting machines, paper box forming machines, paper plate making machines, Flexo printing machines, and more. With a focus on premium quality machinery and excellent client satisfaction, the company aims to be a top manufacturer in the field of die-cutting machinery.

      Their long range of machines are not just popular in the domestic market but also delivered to various countries around the world. It doesn’t matter what your demand is, Feida Machinery can handle everything for you.

      Top 7: Formeca (Finland)

      Formeca logo

      Website –

      Established – 1984

      Products and services –

      • Group packaging machines
      • Box forming machines
      • Closing machines
      • Special machines
      • Other systems and more!

      Established in 1984. Formeca is a pioneer in packaging solutions and excels through its deep understanding of corrugated board tech and client needs. Their success lies in comprehending a wide range of packaging needs, regardless of the machine type and volume.

      The company specializes in shelf-ready packaging which streamlines production decreases expenses and makes sure easy to store and handle. Their stackable packages cater to fish, meat, gardening, bakery, and food, empowering even small production lines to meet the demand peak.

      Top 8: MITTWAY (China)

      MITTWAY logo

      Website –

      Established – 1975

      Products and services –

      • Carton bagging machine
      • Food packaging tray machine
      • High-speed tray former
      • High-speed bag inserter
      • Carton erector
      • Bag inserter
      • Robot case packer and more!

      Established in 1975, Mitty Way is one of China’s major manufacturers/suppliers of professional packaging machines. These machinery range from carton bagging machines, food packaging machines, high-speed tray former, carton erectors, etc., which are considered very high-tech for any firm that chooses to use them the world over. The smart packaging machines of the company have been sold both locally and overseas for more than five decades.

      They differentiate themselves in the packing industry through exceptional product quality plus high-standard services; thus, making them the number one choice for any business.

      Top 9: GGM Group (Italy)

      GGM Group logo

      Website –

      Established – 1977

      Products and services –

      • Box forming machines
      • Labeling
      • Filling system
      • Palletizers
      • Cartooning machines
      • Conveyors
      • Special machines and more!

      Established in 1977, GGM Group is a widely known company that deals with holistic packaging systems for different sectors. The company offers a diverse range of goods and services including box-forming machinery, filling systems, special machines, labeling, Palletizers, and customized packaging solutions in addition to product innovation and customer satisfaction. They have been able to build a good name over the years due to their extensive involvement in the industry with the resultant ability of reliable and high-quality packaging.

      Their commitment to continuous improvement as well as keeping pace with new technologies ensures clients get modern packages designed for them according to their requirements.

      Top 10: Iman Pack (China)

      Iman Pack logo

      Website –

      Established – 1975

      Products and services –

      • Vertical wrapping machines
      • Horizontal flow pack machines
      • Carton forming machine
      • Counting and weighing machines
      • Palletizing and handling machine
      • Optional devices and more

      Iman Pack was founded in 1975, the company is a leading name in China, when it comes to wrapping, packing, cartooning, and Palletizing machinery. This company manufactures all sorts of automated packing machinery suitable for use by various industries such as food, medical, wet wipes, and hardware. They customize solutions that facilitate productive as well as faultless wrapping operations.

      The firm also stresses nature-friendly packing options thus aiding sustainability. Their specialty is in counting, weighing, and packing a variety of products which makes it a partner of choice for businesses across the globe.

      2. Guide to choosing the best box forming machine manufacturer

      The decision of which box-forming machine manufacturer is best is very important as this can greatly affect your packaging operations’ efficiency and productivity. Since so many makers are in the market, several things must be considered before settling on one.

      Research and Reputation: To begin with, research widely about different makers. Search for firms with good reputations in the market and long experience in manufacturing. Read customers’ reviews to know about their dependability, product quality, and after-sales services amongst other things. The history of delivering high-quality machinery and excellent customer care shows high chances of meeting your expectations from a manufacturer.

      Technology and Innovation: Assess the manufacturers’ technological capacities as well as their commitment to invention. Go for those companies that focus on developing advanced box-forming machines with modern features after conducting research. Consider their machines’ automation levels, speediness, accuracy as well as flexibility. Your service provider who adopts the latest technology may give you an advantage over other competitors making your business future-proofed.

      Customizing Options: Find out if the manufacturer of the machine allows customization of its systems to fit your specific packaging requirements. Due to needs peculiarities every industry or product may have; it would be very helpful for a manufacturer if his machines are developed in such a way so that they could be customized according to individual customer’s needs. Seek companies that allow for different fold styles, box dimensions, and gluing options.

      Quality and Durability: The purchase of these machines should not be made without considering quality and durability as vital factors. What materials were used in making the machine? Do they make their machinery using only high-quality parts? Is there evidence showing that they meet industry standards? A lasting machine will help reduce downtime and maintenance costs thereby increasing productivity.

      Service and Support: You must look at the level of service provided by the company before purchasing any piece of equipment from them. If you want a firm that can help you in all stages starting from training on how to use systems up to giving solutions anytime when the need arises, then you should choose wisely. Check whether the manufacturer guarantees quick repair services; availability of spare parts as well as active troubleshooting assistance. Fast and reliable support can prevent costly downtimes by ensuring uninterrupted business activities running effortlessly.

      Pricing and Return on Investment: While cost should not be the sole determinant, it is important to look at the pricing structure and overall return on investment (ROI) offered by a manufacturer. Compare prices with different manufacturers taking into account quality, features, and support. Look out for manufacturers who offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality or service.

      3. Conclusion

      To sum up, selecting the best box-forming machine manufacturer requires an analysis of aspects such as reputation, technology, customization options, quality, service, and pricing. By fully researching and evaluating various manufacturers based on these factors you will be able to make an informed decision that meets your specific packaging requirements thereby enabling you to enhance your productivity and efficiency. Remember that investment in the right manufacturer is always a path to success in packaging operations.

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