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    The equipment has different configurations, you can even add some optional function in our BM2508, Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

    Service will be online, we have a full set of manuals, instructions, and guide videos for installation. During Covid, we have guided many customers to get the machine done by themselves. This machine is not complicated, easy to install and put into production within one day. There is also online training for your operators.

    Yes, We have English speaking engineer team, who will be 24 hours online service.

    The normal delivery time is 20 days from deposit, if it is a legal holiday, it will be postponed accordingly.

    We offer one year of warranty from the date of installation.

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      Top 10 Box Making Machine

      Box Making Machine: Top 10 Manufacturers in the World


      A box-making machine is a machine that assembles fooled cardboard and corrugated boxes into a 3-dimensional structure and applies hot melt or tape to the bottle, thereby decreasing the need for manual workers. These types of machines are used to assemble corrugated boxes in warehouses and factories in various sectors, including forestry, mail orders, agriculture, fisheries, and more.

      In this blog, we’ll take you on the journey to discover the best 10 box-making machine manufacturers in the world. From small-scale to big players in the field, these manufacturers have changed the way boxes are made, making the procedure faster efficient, and more customizable.

      Whether you are in the packaging field, or just curious about the machines behind the boxes that protect and transport our daily products, this blog will provide you with all the valuable information about leading manufacturers shaping the box-making market. Get ready to discover the cutting-edge tech and innovation driving this amazing industry.

      1. Top 10 box making machine manufacturers in the world

      Let’s have a look at the following list.

      Top 1: Anybox Boxmaker

      Anybox Boxmaker logo

      Website –

      Location: China

      Established – 2014

      Products and services

      • Box making machines
      • Carton box machines
      • Boxmaker machines
      • Packaging machines
      • Fanfold machines
      • Hot melt machines
      • Corrugated box machine and more!

      Established in 2014, Anybox Boxmaker is a top player in making premium quality box-making machines. At Anybox Boxmaker, they used premium quality materials and international standard products for their clients.

      Their team qualified team works with experienced workers and makes the final product top-class to deliver to customers globally. They also provide fine after-sales services and fantastic customer support.

      With a global footprint, Any Box Machine has successfully installed over a hundred machines across the thirty-plus countries around the globe. The company is committed to quality and high-quality service to its customers because it wants to build a long-term relationship with its clients by satisfying their custom needs.

      Top 2: KOLBUS

      KOLBUS logo

      Website –

      Location: England

      Established – 1951

      Products –

      • Box making machines
      • Box printing
      • Box gluing
      • Add on modules
      • Ancillary products
      • Digital printing and more!

      Founded in 1951, Kolbus is a prominent packaging solution in the world, showcasing its expertise through its Auto Box division. With a solid focus on quality and innovation, they provide a wide range of machines and equipment for the packaging sector.

      Their advanced technology and custom solutions cater to the unique requirements of the business, ensuring efficient packaging procedures. Their commitment to excellence is clear in their dedication to research and development, resulting in premium products that deliver better performance.

      By staying at the toper of the industry, Kolbus continues to empower companies with reliable and efficient packaging solutions that drive success. They also provide fully supportive customer support to their clients.

      Top 3: Autoboxup

      Autoboxup logo

      Website –

      Location: China

      Established – 2008

      Products and services –

      • Box Making Machine
      • Packaging Machine
      • Cartooning Machine
      • Carton Sealer
      • Box Die Cutter
      • Carton Forming Machine
      • Carton Printing Machine and more!

      Founded in 2008, Autoboxup an online platform dedicated to box-making machines and packaging solutions is your go-to spot for all your custom packaging requirements. With a huge selection of services and products, Autoboxup provides a convenient and smooth experience for businesses in search of top-quality packaging solutions.

      Their wide range includes box-making machines, packaging materials, and custom packaging solutions, ensuring that you can find the right fit for your special needs. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is clear in their easy ordering procedure and timely delivery services.

      By providing cost-efficient and reliable packaging solutions, they empower businesses to enhance their company image and protect their items during transit. They use high quality materials just to make the right product and build strong relationships with their customers globally.

      Top 4: Boxmat Boxmakers

      Boxmat Boxmakers logo

      Website –

      Location: Poland

      Established – 1957

      Products and services –

      • Box making machines
      • Digital cutting system
      • Die cutters
      • Carton machines
      • Corrugated box machines
      • Automatic production system
      • Fecto styles
      • Packaging solutions and more!

      Established in 1957, Box Mat is a leading provider of box-making machines and is dedicated to revolutionizing the packaging market. With a commitment to innovation and high efficiency, they provide advanced box-making machines that streamline the box production procedure. Their cutting-edge tech and advanced abilities ensure precise and top-quality results, empowering businesses to meet the packaging requirements with ease.

      Their commitment to client satisfaction is evident in their wonderful customer support. By providing durable and reliable box-making machines, they enable businesses to increase productivity and decrease costs. Box Mat is a trusted name and is committed to delivering advanced solutions to the packaging sector.

      With a passion and dedication for innovation and a focus on product quality, they provide a comprehensive range of machines, products, and services that cater to a wide range of packaging needs. They also provide fantastic after-sales services to clients globally that ensure trust in the company.

      Top 5: AOPACK

      AOPACK logo

      Website –

      Location: China

      Established – 2014

      Products –

      • Box making machines
      • Hot melt glue machine
      • Corrugated box machines
      • Custom solutions
      • Hand hole die cutting
      • Cardboard machines
      • Sitting and creasing
      • Cross cutting system
      • Die cutting system
      • Vertical scoring and slitting
      • Cardboard feeding and more!

      AOPACK is an expert automatic box-making machine manufacturer in China, which has been concentrating on corrugated box-making solutions since its establishment in 2014. Their main products are box-making machines, cross-cutting systems, hot melt glue machines, cardboard feeding, cardboard machines, hand-hole die cutting, and more.

      They provide advanced and integrated box-making machinery, offering solutions to the short and long-run production procedure of corrugated box-making. They use advanced tools with the help of skilled workers, they build quality machines for their customers.

      AOPACK provides complete packaging solutions to more than 150 countries worldwide. They aim to provide high-quality services and machines to their customers to build strong long-term relationships with their clients. Both customer service and box-making machines have received several positive feedback from their partners and customers around the world.

      Top 6: Friends Engineering

      Friends Engineering logo

      Website –

      Location: India

      Established – 1965

      Products and services

      • Box making machines
      • Die cutting machines
      • Corrugation machines
      • Paper cutting machines
      • Sheet lamination machines
      • Thermal lamination machines
      • Hot foil stamping machines
      • Die punching machines and more!

      Founded in 1965, Friends Engineering is a company and exporter specializing in packaging, box-making machines, and printing. They provide a wide range of products and machines, including corrugation machines, die-cutting machines, die-punching machines, thermal lamination machines, and more.

      They are a leading manufacturer in India and provide high-quality services to their clients worldwide. They also provide after-services to their customers because they aim to satisfy their customers.

      These products serve several industries, finding application in the various packaging of glassware, electronic products, read-made garments, hosiery, automobile components, pharma, and more.

      Top 7: Bespacker

      Bespacker logo

      Website –

      Location: China

      Established – 2011

      Products –

      • Box Making Machine
      • Bag sealing machine
      • Labeling machine
      • Capping machine
      • Bag sealer
      • Pharmacy machine
      • Shrinking machine
      • Vacuum packaging machine
      • Filling machine
      • Tube sealing machine
      • Printing machine and more!

      Founded in 2011, Bespacker is one of the best packaging machine companies and food packaging equipment manufacturers. Their skilled workers use their expertise and experience to build premium quality machines that cater to all your packaging needs.

      Popular food packaging machines such as liquid filling machines, hand and food impulsive sealing machines, vacuum packaging machines, continuous bag sealing machines, and labeling machines are manufactured and exported to several countries around the world.

      Bespacker has 12 plus years of experience in making premium quality machines to cater the packaging needs. They provide complete customer support and provide 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed to their customers.

      Top 8: Neway Packaging Corporation

      Neway Packaging Corporation logo

      Website –

      Location: USA

      Established – 1977

      Products and services –

      • Box making machines
      • Custom chipboard packaging
      • Custom packaging mailers
      • Cartooning machines
      • Printing solutions
      • Sealing machines
      • Wrapping machines
      • Packaging machines and more!

      Established in 1977, Neway Packaging is one of the top names in manufacturing packaging and box-making machines, with multiple branches in the USA. Neway Packaging serves bakeries, agriculture, lumber, construction, and more with their packaging machines, products, and services.

      Their product range includes a full range of single-use products such as corrugated boxes and safety supplies to cushioning products and supplies. Equipment includes sales of stretch wrapping machines, sealing machines, and other machines.

      They also provide custom solutions for special requirements by providing services that include custom boxes, product packaging, packaging solutions graphic design, and more. At Neway Packaging they aim to satisfy the clients.



      Website –

      Location: Taiwan

      Established – 2003

      Products and services –

      • Box making machines
      • Smart veneer faces production line
      • Veneer guillotine
      • Accessories
      • Processing equipment
      • Veneer splicer
      • Used machinery and more!

      Founded in 2003, Innovator Machinery is a global veneering machine manufacturer in Taiwan. They specialize in the production and design of several kinds of veneering machinery, including splicers, box-making machines, and more.

      They used state-of-the-art processes to make machines and other products. They also provide custom solutions to their customers. At Innovator Machinery, they want to make long-term relationships with their customers.

      They hold all the international standard certifications and a worldwide distribution network spanning various countries around the world. They also provide high quality after-sales services to their customers.

      Top 10: Shinko Machine

      Shinko Machine logo

      Website –

      Location: Japan

      Established – 1961

      Products and services –

      • Box making machines
      • Hard die cutting
      • Flexo printer
      • Corrugated box machines
      • Printing machines
      • Corrugated box printing and making machines
      • Packaging solutions and more!

      Founded in 1961, Shinko Machine is a manufacturer of box-making and printing machines. They produce the hard die cutter, Shinko Supper Alpha, and Shinko High printer. It excels in custom solutions, providing flexibility in handling materials from E to G corrugated cardboard.

      Their huge experience in the industry makes them top names in the field. They provide incredible after-sales services to their customers. They provide modern machines and complete client support to their customers.

      Shinko Machine is popular for hitting low volume and high mix production capacity. Their expertise expands multi-color printing, maintenance support, and energy-saving technology.

      2. Tips to choose the best box making machine manufacturer in the World

      Selecting the best box-making machine manufacturer can be a difficult job, given the several options available in the world. However, with proper research and careful consideration, you can find the right company that meets your requirements.

      1st, assess the company’s reputation and experience in the field. Look for companies with a good track record of delivering top-quality box-making machines and wonderful customer support. Check online feedback of their previous customers to gauge customer satisfaction levels.

      2nd, consider the range of box-making machines provided by the company. Examine whether they provide a wide range of options that cater to the various box shapes, sizes, and materials. A company with a wide range of options can better accommodate your specific needs and future expansion plans.

      3rd, evaluate the tech and features incorporated into machines. Look for companies that embrace advanced tech, such as automation, advanced programming, and smart controls. These features can enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and productivity of your manufacturing procedure.

      4th, consider after-sale service and support provided by the company. Ensure they provide a wide range of technical support and troubleshooting guides. A company that provides prompt delivery and reliable support can reduce downtime and keep your production line running effortlessly.

      5th, the cost is also an important factor when choosing a box-making machine company. Compare prices among different companies, but do not compromise on quality. It is vital to strike a balance between affordability and long-lasting value and performance of the machine. Consider the total cost of machines including installation, maintenance, and upgrades to make the right decision.

      6th, access the company’s warranty policy. Ensure they provide complete warranties that cover both machines and their components. A reliable warranty indicates the company’s confidence in its product and its solid commitment to client satisfaction.

      3. Conclusion

      Choosing the best box-making machine manufacturer needs careful tips and a lot of research. Look for a company with solid value, a wide range of machines, advanced tech, reliable and efficient after-sales support, and a commitment to sustainability. Consider the cost, warranty period, and service agreements to make the right decision. By choosing the right company, you can ensure the smooth process of your manufacturing procedure and achieve long-term success in the industry.

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