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      Top 11 cardboard packing machine manufacturers in China

      Cardboard Packing Machine: Top 11 Manufacturers in China


      The huge manufacturing industry of China boasts a multitude of cardboard packing machinery manufacturers, each popular for their premium quality, innovation, and efficiency. In this dynamic packaging market, choosing the perfect manufacturer and supplier is important for businesses looking for cost-efficiency and reliability.

      This comprehensive blog explores the best 11 cardboard packing machine manufacturers, offering a detailed insight into their product range, expertise, and technical advancements.
      From established cardboard-packing machine industry giants to emerging innovators, this list highlights the wide spectrum of cardboard-pacing machine manufacturers in China.

      Whether your priority lies in customization, automation, or sustainable solutions, this article surely helps you make the right decision.

      1. Top 11 cardboard packing machine manufacturers in China

      The following is the list of the top 11 cardboard packing machine manufacturers in China.

      Top 1: Anybox Machine

      Anybox Boxmaker logo

      Website –

      Established – 2014

      Products and services –

      • Packaging machines
      • Carton box machines
      • Fanfold machines
      • Hot melt machines
      • Boxmaker machines
      • Corrugated box machine and more!

      Based in China, Anybox Machine is a professional box-making machine company that was established in 2014. The firm is known for its popular product with premium quality that has gained the name of the most advanced machine for custom cardboard boxes globally.

      As a leading company in this field, Anybox Machine has installed hundreds of machines successfully in more than 30 countries around the world, gaining an enormous reputation for both customer service and machine performance.

      Anybox Machine focuses its efforts on product quality as a cornerstone of its growth and intensely researches to offer new improved products and services to the market. Their several patients and CE certifications serve as proof of their commitment to innovation.

      Top 2: Higee Filling Machine

      Higee Filling Machine logo

      Website –

      Established – not specified

      Products and Services –

      • Packing machines
      • Capping machines
      • Lebling machines
      • Food filling machines
      • Oil filling machines
      • Wine capsule-making machines
      • Horizontal packing machine
      • Custom solutions and more!

      Higee Filling Machine is a reputable firm that focuses on filling machines and packaging machinery production. Higee Filling Machine Co., Ltd. has built its name as a reliable company that is committed to quality and innovation.

      Their machines come in various forms serving the needs of different sectors like food, drinks, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical sectors. This site provides full information about what they sell including the products, services as well as expertise thus affirming commitment toward excellent solutions for customers.

      With customer satisfaction being the focus and technology advancement, Higee Filling Machine remains one of the major players in the filling machine manufacturing industry.

      Top 3: King Sun Machinery

      King Sun Machinery logo

      Website –

      Established – 2001

      Products and Services –

      • Packing machines
      • Label making machine
      • Post printing machines
      • Flexible packaging machines
      • Coating machines
      • Food and candy machines
      • Paper converting machinery
      • Hologram making machine
      • Slitter rewinder and sheeter
      • Printing packaging and more!

      Established in 2001, King Sun Machinery is one of the well-known firms that specialize in offering packaged machinery solutions that are highly advanced. King Sun offers a wide range of machinery products including such as printers, laminators cardboard packing machines, and die-cutters among others as it upholds top quality and innovation.

      This company has modern facilities for making its products and teams that have high levels of professionalism in ensuring that its standards are not compromised.
      King Sun Machinery strives to assist businesses in improving their packaging processes by providing reliable and efficient machinery solutions globally.

      Top 4: LL Pack

      LL Pack logo

      Website –

      Established – 2000

      Products and Services –

      • Carton machine
      • Corrugated machine
      • Flexo printer slotter
      • Corrugated line
      • Carton machine parts
      • Packaging machine
      • Double face belts
      • Flexo printer machine
      • Cardboard cutting machine
      • Waste stripper
      • Grinding wheel and more!

      Founded in 200. LL PACK Is a company that has specialized in the corrugated industry for over 22 years and offers one-stop solutions for international corrugators. The company’s product range comprises high-speed corrugated cardboard production lines, double facer belts, corrugating rolls, and more.

      The company has more than 3500 successful installations of the production lines of corrugated cardboard both in China’s domestic market and abroad. Its team has established itself among clients exporting its products to about 40 countries like India, Vietnam, Brazil, and Malaysia.

      LLY PACK is proud of its ultra-modern manufacturing facility which houses four sets of 5-face High Precision CNC Centres. More so, it is a reliable partner in the field of corrugated industry because of its commitment to ‘WIN-WIN cooperation’ and continuous improvement.

      Top 5: VIP Machinery

      VIP Machinery logo

      Website –

      Established – 2003

      Products and Services –

      • Carton packing machine
      • Single wet wipes machine
      • Alcohol pad swab machine
      • Eye patches packing machine
      • Semi-auto facial mask-making machine
      • 4-side seal packing machine and more!

      Founded in 2003, VIP Machinery is a reputable company that specializes in producing and distributing high-quality technological machines for various industries across the planet. VIP Machinery emphasizes research and development as it aims to meet the current needs of customers around the globe.

      The firm has different types of machines available for sale which include carton packing machines, semi-automatic facial mask-making machines, and packing machines amongst others. Their commitment to excellence is reflected through modernized manufacturing plants as well as skilled personnel who ensure high-quality standards are met. As such, VIP Machinery focuses on customer satisfaction by using premium quality materials and advanced tools.

      Top 6: Soontrue

      Soontrue logo

      Website –

      Established – 1993

      Products and Services –

      • Automatic packing system
      • Flow packing machine
      • Shrimp processing machine
      • Automatic cartooning machine
      • Flood automatic production machine
      • Vertical packing machine and more!

      Soontrue was founded in 1993, they are reputable in the Chinese cardboard packaging industry, specializing in the manufacturing and supply of premium quality products to their clients globally.

      Their wide range of products includes automatic pacing systems, cartooning machines, food automatic production lines, vertical packing machines, and more. Their skilled team is highly trained to manufacture premium quality products for their clients.

      Their commitment to innovation and fine quality is evident in their premium manufacturing facilities and dedicated search and development professionals. They aim to make every customer happy and satisfied.

      Top 7: GURKI Pack

      GURKI Pack logo

      Website –

      Established – 1997

      Products and Services –

      • E-commerce packing machines
      • Carton erectors
      • Shrink wrap machines
      • Sortation system
      • Carton sealers
      • Palletizers and more!

      Since 1997 GURKI Pack has been a reputable company in the packaging industry that presents various new packaging solutions to businesses. With GURKI Pack, quality has remained its priority and this has positioned it as the leading provider of reliable and efficient packaging needs for companies.

      From unique packaging designs to environmentally friendly alternatives, GURKI Pack satisfies different client tastes. The company’s experienced professional team ensures each package solution is customized for the client’s specific needs.

      In addition, GURKI Pack is delivering high-quality packages with an emphasis on sustainability and innovation which enable businesses to differentiate themselves in the market.

      Top 8: JOCHAMP

      JOCHAMP logo

      Website –

      Established – 2005

      Products and Services –

      • Carton box packing machine
      • Flow wrapping machine
      • Automatic wrapping machine
      • Cartooning machine
      • Case erector
      • Case packer
      • Case sealer
      • Shrink wrapping machine
      • Pouch packaging machine
      • Blister packing machine
      • Stick pack machine
      • Packaging product line and more!

      Since 2005 Jochamp Company has been specializing in the manufacturing of automatic packing machines. The factory occupying more than 6000 square meters produces over fifty sets of packing machinery every month. It boasts a workforce of one hundred skilled workers plus ten mechanical engineering specialists who deliver quality solutions for its clients.

      They provide a year warranty period, lifetime after-sales services, and certification. Their mission revolves around sustainable development achieved using innovative packaging machine tools optimizing production processes.

      Their worldwide vision aims at providing efficient customer service targeting numerous customers globally. They provide great after-sale service that makes the company a top choice for packing machines.

      Top 9: DTRALI Package

      DTRALI Package logo

      Website –

      Established – 1997

      Products and Services –

      • Strapping machines
      • Cardboard box erectors
      • Strapping machines
      • Carton sealing machines
      • Robot Palletizers
      • Pallet wrapping machine
      • Shrink wrap machines and more!

      Established in 1997, Dtrali is an old and reputable company that deals in the design, creation, and production of package machines. Being innovation innovation-centric organization that majors on quality, Dtrali Package has built a name for itself as a reliable and effective answer to divergent packaging needs across various industries.

      Their product range includes strapping machines, cardboard box machines, pallet wrapping machines, and robot Palletizers among other devices aimed at optimizing the packaging processes thus increasing productivity. The website of this enterprise provides comprehensive information about their goods, services, and industry insight which exhibits its dedication to innovative packing solutions.

      With a customer focus and a commitment to superior performance, Dtrali Package Machinery remains one of the most trusted names in the packaging machine market today.

      Top 10: KX Machinery

      KX Machinery logo

      Website –

      Established – 2010

      Products and Services –

      • Food packaging machine
      • Packaging production line
      • Consumer goods cartooning machine
      • Plastic packaging machine
      • Pharma product packaging machine
      • Paper packaging machine
      • Various packaging solutions and more!

      Since founded in 2010, KX Machinery is a well-known company that mainly deals in the production and supply of quality packaging machinery. KX Machinery has made itself a reliable industry name on account of the devotion it has to high standards and ensuring the needs of its customers are met.

      They have an extensive range of products that includes food packaging machines, packaging production lines, paper packaging machines, consumer good cartooning machines, and more to cater to various packaging needs.

      The company offers information about their product lines, services as well as industry expertise to underline their commitment to providing excellent solutions for their clients. Meanwhile, through always striving for excellence and efficiency and constantly innovating, KX Machinery has remained a key player in the packaging machinery market.

      Top 11: YU Pack

      YU Pack logo

      Website –

      Established – 2008

      Products and Services –

      • Carton packing line
      • Packaging solutions
      • Wrapping machine
      • Case erector
      • Case sealer
      • Case packer
      • Palletiser
      • Shrink machine
      • Strapping machine and more!

      Yu Pack is a leading firm specializing in the designing and manufacturing of packaging machinery and materials. It has positioned itself as a reliable supplier of comprehensive packaging solutions with a huge focus on innovativeness and quality.

      A few of their products are carton packing lines, wrapping machines, case packers, case erectors, shrink machines, and more. Their team and hard work underline their drive to deliver efficient, dependable, and cost-effective packaging solutions tailored for diverse industries.

      They remain one of the main contenders in the packing machinery sector through their customer orientation as well as embracing technological changes.

      2. Tips to choose the best cardboard packing machine manufacturer

      To optimize packaging processes, you need to carefully choose the right manufacturer of cardboard packing machines. The following are some of the most important tips that can help you select the most appropriate manufacturer for your needs:

      Know Your Needs: It is advisable to clearly state your specific packaging requirements before embarking on the selection process. Take into account such factors as the volume of production, types of products, materials used in packaging, and level of automation desired. Information on what you want will make it easier for you to identify your options and find a producer that suits you best.

      Quality and Reliability: When selecting a manufacturer for a cardboard packing machine quality cannot be left out. Check through possible producers’ quality standards, manufacturing processes, and materials used. Look for ISO, CE, or UL certifications that show that exacting quality standards are followed. In addition to this, ask about warranty, support services under maintenance, and after-sales to gain assurance concerning continuity in reliability and performance.

      Customization Options: Each business has its own unique packaging needs, so pick a supplier that provides customization options that meet your specific requirements. Find a manufacturer who can effectively respond to your customization requests; whether it is custom machine configurations, packaging designs, or integration with existing systems.

      Cost-Effectiveness: Nonetheless, although cost is important value must be given priority over the price when selecting a cardboard packing machine manufacturer. Look at the total cost of ownership including initial investment, operational costs, and potential downtime. Seek manufacturers who offer competitive prices without compromising quality, dependability, or performance.

      Supplier Reputation and Support: Explore potential manufacturers’ history and reputation in the industry. Also consult customers who have used their products before, experts in related industries, and online platforms for product quality, customer care-service reputation assessment. Find a manufacturer who understands customer satisfaction and offers support throughout the lifecycle of their machines.

      3. Conclusion

      Choosing the correct packaging machine manufacturer in China is significant for your business and its expansion. Among these six best manufacturers, each has a particular strength of its own. Consequently, you can easily obtain a personalized one that satisfies your entire packing requirements.

      Picking out the appropriate company will help you to make more visible your business even as it makes you more effective using top-notch tools. This is not just an option about how efficient a given production line may be at present; it’s also an opportunity for future business growth.

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