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      Top 10 Custom Cardboard Box Companies in the USA

      Top 10 Custom Cardboard Box Companies in the USA


      In the USA, cardboard box companies handle about 95% of all product shipments. It’s the most popular way of packaging products. And with the huge development of several industries such as eco-friendly protection and express delivery, cardboard box companies are expected to continue to grow their revenues.

      Today, cardboard boxes are biodegradable and lightweight. This leads to the fact that there are now more custom cardboard box companies in the USA than ever before. It can be overwhelming to find the right custom cardboard box company. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the top players in the USA. We hope this will guide you to pick the best one for you.

      1. Top 10 custom cardboard box companies in the USA

      Let’s look at the list.

      Top 1: Anybox Machine

      Anybox Boxmaker logo

      Website –

      Established – 2014

      Products and services –

      • E-commerce packaging machines
      • Carton box machines
      • Fanfold machines
      • Hot melt machines
      • Boxmaker machines
      • Corrugated box machine and more!

      Established in 2014, Any Box Machine is a professional box-making machine company based in China. The company operates under the Aopack Boxmaker and is popular for its premium quality product which is popular as the most advanced machine for custom cardboard boxes in the world.

      As a leading company in the field, Any Box Machine has successfully installed hundreds of machines in 30+ countries around the world, gaining huge praise for both customer service and machine performance.

      Any Box Machine is committed to product quality, which is considered the cornerstone of its growth, and lively engages in research and development to bring new and better products and services to the market. Their dedication to innovation is evidenced by their many patients and CE certifications.

      Top 2: BC Boxes

      BC Boxes logo

      Website –

      Established – 2017

      Products and services –

      • Custom cardboard boxes
      • Custom gift boxes
      • Apparel boxes
      • Bakery boxes
      • Bath bomb boxes
      • Beard oil boxes
      • Food boxes
      • Card boxes
      • Bottle boxes
      • Cardboard packaging and more!

      Founded in 2017, BC Boxes is a popular company in the USA for providing top-quality packaging solutions to their customers. With a focus on customizations, they provide a huge range of products, including custom cardboard boxes, retail packaging, food and bottle boxes, shipping supplies, and more.

      BC Boxes prides itself on using premium quality materials and advanced machinery to craft visually appealing and durable packaging. Their team of skilled workers works closely with customers to understand their special needs and deliver custom solutions.

      With a commitment to providing high-class products and services to its customers, the company has built itself as a reliable and trusted player in the packaging world.

      Top 3: International Paper

      International Paper logo

      Website –

      Established – 1898

      Products and services –

      • Custom cardboard boxes
      • Paper bags
      • Solid Fiber
      • Retain packaging
      • Printing
      • Corrugated packaging
      • Bulk packaging
      • Testing and more!

      Since 1898, International Paper has been one of the trusted names and leading packaging companies in the world. Based in the USA, International Paper is a popular player in consumer packaging, protective packaging, custom cardboard boxes, display boxes, and industrial boxes.

      Their main goal is to provide recyclable products in the industry. They provide their clients with innovative and premium packaging solutions that meet their basic needs. And they provide packaging boxes ideal for your brand promotion and product safety.

      At International Paper, their services are always available for clients to produce premium quality packaging. They make cardboard, food, beverages, and pharmacy boxes for various industries by providing complete satisfaction.

      Top 4: Custom Boxes Market

      Custom Boxes Market logo

      Website –

      Established – 2010

      Products and services –

      • Custom cardboard boxes
      • Custom Mailer boxes
      • Custom Food Boxes
      • Custom bottle boxes
      • Custom display boxes
      • Rigid mailers
      •  Custom packaging solutions and more!

      Established in 2010, Custom Boxes Market is a prominent player specializing in providing top-quality custom boxes. With super friendly service, they provide a wide range of custom products, including custom cardboard boxes, retail packaging, bottle boxes, mailer boxes, and more.

      Their commitment is top quality is evident through the use of high-quality materials and advanced printing solutions. Custom Boxes Market prides itself on delivering wonderful customer services, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for their customers.

      With their attention to every detail and dedication to manufacturing, Custom Boxes Market has established a big reputation as a trusted and reliable player for all custom packaging solutions.

      Top 5: Elite Custom Boxes

      Elite Custom Boxes logo

      Website –

      Established – 2019

      Products –

      • Custom cardboard boxes
      • Custom mailer boxes
      • Folding boxes
      • Rigid boxes
      • Shipping boxes
      • Book boxes
      • Candle boxes
      • Food boxes
      • Display boxes
      • Custom solutions
      • Printing and more!

      Founded in 2019, and based in the USA, Elite Custom Boxes is one of the biggest industrial packaging companies in the world. They used high-quality materials to create premium-quality packaging solutions for their clients.

      The main aim of the Elite Custom Boxes is to satisfy their customers by providing high-quality products and friendly services. They’re high in their creative packaging techniques to meet all the needs and requirements of their clients.

      Their packaging solutions help you a lot in expanding your business value. They provide a range of products including printing solutions, display boxes, custom solutions, rigid boxes, food and bottle boxes, shipping solutions, and more.

      Top 6: Blue Box Packaging

      Blue Box Packaging logo

      Website –

      Established – 2012

      Products –

      • Custom cardboard boxes
      • Rigid boxes
      • Corrugated boxes
      • Jewellery boxes
      • Magnetic boxes
      • Display boxes
      • Candle boxes
      • Cosmetic boxes and more!

      Based in the USA, since 2012 Blue Box Packaging ranked top in the list of custom packaging companies in the USA. They manufacture packaging for a range of products using cardboard, rigid, or corrugated materials specializing in magnetic boxes.

      At, Blue Box Packaging, they charge affordable prices as compared to other companies. Their mission is to convert 1st-time clients into returning clients by satisfying their requirements.
      They provide high-quality boxes and friendly service to their customers. Products provided by the company include packaging solutions for cosmetics, food, beverages, textiles, toys, games, and more.

      Top 7: Emenac Packaging

      Emenac Packaging logo

      Website –

      Established – 2011

      Products and services –

      • Custom Cardboard boxes
      • Sleeve boxes
      • Pillow boxes
      • Gift boxes
      • Display boxes
      • Rigid Boxes
      • Paper boxes
      • Corrugated boxes
      • Cardboard boxes and more!

      Founded in 2011, Emenac Packaging is a leading name in custom packaging solutions that perfectly align with your business and your vision. With a commitment to innovation and quality, they provide a wide range of packaging solutions, including custom cardboard boxes, rigid boxes, display boxes, pillow boxes, and more.

      Their experienced workers work with their customers to understand their special requirements and deliver custom solutions that enhance product appeal and ensure customer satisfaction. Whether you are in e-commerce, food, textile, or beverage, Emenac Packaging has the abilities and experience to serve your brand packaging to a higher level. Trust them to bring your packaging solutions to new life.

      Top 8: Deluxe Packaging

      Deluxe Packaging logo

      Website –

      Established – 1982

      Products and services –

      • Custom cardboard boxes
      • Custom packaging
      • Packaging foams
      • Corrugated boxes
      • Gift boxes
      • Display boxes
      • Custom solutions and more!

      Established in 1982, Deluxe Packaging is a renowned name specializing in providing high-class boxes for packaging solutions. With a deep history dating back to the 1980s, the company has extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

      They provide a wide range of packaging products including custom boxes, cardboard boxes, printing solutions, retail packaging, display boxes, gift boxes, and more. It prides itself on its commitment to innovation, quality, and complete client satisfaction.

      The team of professionals works with their buyers to meet their special demands for making custom products for their business and delivery promptly. With a focus on attention and excellence to every detail, the company has gained a solid worth as a leading player in the packaging industry.

      Top 9: Associated Bag

      Associated Bag logo

      Website –

      Established – 1938

      Products and services –

      • Custom cardboard boxes
      • Printed corrugated box
      • Corrugated packaging box
      • Packaging box
      • Corrugated shipping boxes
      • Shipping boxes wholesale
      • Corrugated box packaging
      • Packing cardboard boxes and more!

      Founded in 1938, Associated Bag is a leading name in packaging solutions and has several distribution centers in the USA. This custom cardboard box company has a wide range of products. In addition to printed boxes, Associated Box also produced foam boxes, shipping boxes, corrugated boxes, and more.

      If you need custom solutions, just ask them, they are ready to fulfill your unique requirements. The company can help you put your cardboard box order into the warehouse for free of cost h0ldi t for you.

      The best part of the company is if you are in the USA they can deliver your products same day. Their services are top notch and they are always ready to serve their clients globally with special needs and requirements.

      Top 10: Imperial Paper

      Imperial Paper logo

      Website –

      Established – 1963

      Products and services –

      • Printed corrugated box
      • Custom Cardboard boxes
      • Corrugated packaging box
      • Corrugated boxes
      • 3-ply corrugated box
      • Shipping boxes
      • Display boxes
      • Food boxes
      • Gift boxes and more!

      Established in 1963, Imperial Paper is a family-owned company that provides complete packaging solutions to their customers. Imperial Paper is a custom company of cardboard boxes and focuses on helping clients design their right boxes.

      They had a fine service attitude. If you’ve high design needs for custom cardboard boxes, you can pick them because of their professional design teen and wide range of experience in the field.

      The company has no limit on the number of boxes you can order. You can pick to produce small numbers or collect huge amounts. The company has its corrugated box warehouse and distributors. It is a company with a huge reputation for quality products and friendly services.

      2. Tips to choose the best custom cardboard company in the USA

      When it comes to packaging, custom cardboard boxes are a vital component for business in the world. Choosing the best company can be a challenging task. In this article, we’ll explore important things to consider when choosing a company for custom cardboard boxes, ensuring you make the right decision that meets your needs and enhances your company image.

      1. Quality and Durability

      The quality and durability of the products are important to protect your things during the shipping procedure. Look for companies that prioritize premium quality materials and employ rigorous quality control measurements through manufacturing procedures. Request samples or visit the facility to assess the quality firsthand. Ensure that the boxes are solid enough to withstand external pressure, providing optimal protection for your products throughout the supply chain.

      2. Custom Solutions

      Every business has unique packaging needs, which is why custom solutions are key. Pick a custom cardboard box company that provides a wide range of shapes, sizes, and printing solutions to meet your needs. Whether it is custom logo printing, branding, or unique design, ensure that the company can accumulate your custom demand efficiently. Custom packaging not only improves your brand worth but also helps differentiate your products in the market.

      3. Pricing

      Comparing prices among different companies is important, but it should not be the sole determining factor. Consider the value received for your order, and consider factors such as box size, custom solutions, quantity, and friendly service. Be cautious of very low prices, as they might indicate compromised quality. Strive to find a balance between quality and better price, ensuring that the company provides decent pricing without compromising on quality.

      4. Capacity of the production

      Evaluate their production capacity and lead time to make sure they can meet your packaging requirements. Consider their machines, inventory systems, and ability to handle big orders. Proper and efficient product procedures and a streamlined supply chain are indicative of a reliable company. Research their lead time and make sure they can deliver your packaging solutions within the needed timeframe to avoid any sort of delay.

      5. Company Reputation

      Research the custom box company and their value and read feedback to gauge their reliability, customer support, and overall satisfaction. Look for companies with better track records, positive customer feedback, and established long-term relations with their buyers. Engage in conversation with their existing clients to gain insights into their experiences. A trusted company with positive feedback is more likely to provide you with great packaging solutions and satisfactory customer support.

      3. Conclusion

      Choosing the best custom cardboard box company needs careful consideration of many things including quality, custom solutions, pricing, capacity of production, reputation, and proper customer support. By evaluating these important factors, you can make the right decision that aligns with your packaging needs, improve your business image, and ensure the safe transportation of your products.

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