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    Anybox Boxmaker FAQs

    The equipment has different configurations, you can even add some optional function in our BM2508, Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

    Service will be online, we have a full set of manuals, instructions, and guide videos for installation. During Covid, we have guided many customers to get the machine done by themselves. This machine is not complicated, easy to install and put into production within one day. There is also online training for your operators.

    Yes, We have English speaking engineer team, who will be 24 hours online service.

    The normal delivery time is 20 days from deposit, if it is a legal holiday, it will be postponed accordingly.

    We offer one year of warranty from the date of installation.

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      anyboxmachine clients

      Boxmaker Machine Installed for Furniture Carton


      This Malaysian customer’s factory is only 80 kilometers away from our last customer’s carton factory. He purchased our box maker machine mainly to solve furniture order problems. In Malaysia, there are many furniture factories, and the cartons from furniture factories are not easy to produce. Because they need large size but a small number of cartons.

      In Malaysia, most of the furniture is exported overseas, and the quality and aesthetic design of the packaging is very important. It directly affects the customer’s first impression of their product, which is why furniture factories like to spend a lot of money on a carton.

      Even in this case, only a few carton manufacturers are willing to produce orders for furniture cartons. Because their equipment is only suitable for mass production. Although the price is high, they can’t make money with such a small quantity. And few workers in the carton factory are willing to produce such boxes because they are very tired. Some machines cannot even process large-size cartons.

      1. Client’s Background

      The manager is a smart young man, we call him HZ. He thought it was a good opportunity to solve the furniture packaging problem, but he couldn’t find a satisfactory automatic slot machine.

      HZ meets our BM2508 Plus carton machine from our agent in Malaysia. After watching the product introduction and watching the video of the machine, HZ knew this was the machine he needed. Soon after, HZ and our agent in Malaysia visited our factory. ( We are still looking for agent in the world, check the details to apply our agent now)

      In the beginning, considering the cost, we suggested HZ visit our last customer’s factory. He could see and operate our BM2508 box maker machine, but HZ insisted on visiting our company site, which helped him to have a better understanding of the machine.

      2. Client Visiting

      In March 2019, accompanied by our Malaysia agent, I arrived in our city by plane. During the 3 days in China, he learned about the functions of our equipment and made several cartons by himself. He was very satisfied and took a close look at the electrical and mechanical parts used in our equipment. When he saw that these were produced by internationally renowned manufacturers, he expressed his gratitude.

      At the end of the first day of research, HZ provided the box style he needed, which is not in our catalog. He hopes that if he buys our equipment, he can add some equipment. The next day, when HZ came to our company again, we gave him a surprise, the box style he said yesterday, our programmer used a night’s work to add to the machine! HZ thought it was very incredible, He thanked our professional engineer, and later, we tested several different sizes and all were fine.

      We will discuss some details the next afternoon, such as payment method, delivery time, after-sales technical support, etc. We have already made a preliminary agreement to send the equipment to him within 2 months after placing the order, and our after-sales technicians will go to Malaysia to install and debug the equipment.

      On the third day, HZ did not come to our company. He completely trusted our equipment and was impressed by our efficient execution and technical strength, so we took him to enjoy the beauty of Qingdao.

      After HZ returned to Malaysia, he reported the investigation to the boss and placed an order for us in April. We notified him to come to the factory for an inspection after 2 months.

      HZ tested about 100 cartons, and all were good, HZ accepted and signed his BM2508 Plus carton paper machine, and we took a group photo together. The equipment was delivered on schedule and the machine was sealed with an anti-rust film. The forklift has a special chassis to ensure that the equipment is well protected during handling and transportation.

      3. After-sales support

      It took about half a month to ship the equipment from China to Malaysia. After the equipment is shipped to HZ, we start to arrange after-sales service. According to the agreement, we will arrange after-sales engineers to Malaysia for after-sales service and training. HZ is only responsible for airfare and accommodation costs.

      Our machines provide a 1-year warranty. During the after-sales period, all maintenance and training services are free, such as equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, maintenance training, and wearing parts replacement training. When the equipment arrives at the port where the HZ factory is located, our after-sales engineers also start to travel to Malaysia

      In the HZ factory, the installation and commissioning took two days, the operators were trained for two days, and the operators operated independently on the last day. Our after-sales engineer observes the operator for the improper operation and corrects it. The whole process of installation, commissioning, and training was completed within one week.

      4. Carton box production

      When the BM2508 Plus carton box making machine arrived at the customer’s factory, the factory manager had received a large number of carton orders from the furniture factory in advance and was waiting for the equipment to start.

      HZ is very satisfied with the use of the equipment. The factory can produce 40 or 50 orders per day on average, and the monthly profit is close to that of the die-cutting machine.

      Moreover, the carton inspection is simple, there are few quality problems, and it is easy for customers to deal with it. HZ is very happy to say that in the future, it will receive more orders from customers, and the profit will be more considerable.

      HZ has always said that if a customer from Malaysia comes to visit in the future, they can come directly to his factory. We are all friends and can help each other. We gave HZ some consumable parts such as cutting blades and fiber paper holders as a rebate.

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