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    Anybox Boxmaker FAQs

    The equipment has different configurations, you can even add some optional function in our BM2508, Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

    Service will be online, we have a full set of manuals, instructions, and guide videos for installation. During Covid, we have guided many customers to get the machine done by themselves. This machine is not complicated, easy to install and put into production within one day. There is also online training for your operators.

    Yes, We have English speaking engineer team, who will be 24 hours online service.

    The normal delivery time is 20 days from deposit, if it is a legal holiday, it will be postponed accordingly.

    We offer one year of warranty from the date of installation.

    Request A Free Quote

      uk cardboard box machine

      Anybox First Corrugated Box Making Machine Installed in UK


      In April 2019, we received our first order from the UK, and our BM2508 Corrugated box making machine began to enter the UK market. Our fully automatic carton box maker is a combination of a carton slotting machine and a paper cutter. It can be used for the production of various cartons and the slitting of cardboard without an additional slitting process.

      Our UK customers choose our equipment because our BM2508 is a highly integrated box making machine including slotting contact lines, slitting, and cross-cutting functions. High-quality corrugated box making machines at affordable prices are often welcomed by customers. Actually, our BM2508 is doing very well in the UK and our customers use it to produce high-quality cartons.

      They need to produce a lot of large-size cartons. The length is too long and the quantity is too small (many orders are under 500 pieces), and it is too troublesome to produce with traditional box making machines. But our BM2508 corrugated box machine can be easily solved, only one worker is needed to complete the production.

      British customers were skeptical of Chinese equipment at first, so our engineers stayed in their factory for half a month. During this time, our engineers helped them add order storage capabilities and help their workers operate the machines. Our UK customer is very happy with our work, he told us there are several similar machines in Europe, but their machines are not as good as ours in terms of carton edges and are much more expensive.

      In the beginning, they just used our device with a try mentality, but they didn’t expect to use it more than they expected. Our BM2508 carton maker is great and he will introduce us to his friends in the future.

      Time flies so fast, in just one year, we have received one order after another from the UK, and our cardboard machine has won the recognition of British customers.

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