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      Top 10 Packaging Machine Manufacturers in China

      Top 10 Packaging Machine Manufacturers in China


      The packaging machine industry in China is experiencing a huge surge, with the nation emerging as a worldwide spot for a wide range of packaging solutions. The industry caters to various sectors, including cosmetics, food, pharma, beverages, agriculture, and many more.

      In this article, we’ll share the best ten packaging machine manufacturers, popular for their advanced technology, complete after-sale services, client support, and efficiency. These companies have made huge strides in operational design, productivity improvement, worker safety, and more. While also focusing on decreasing environmental impact and operational expenses.

      So, if you’re looking for a packaging machine manufacturer, you landed on the right website. Here we also provide you with complete information to pick the one for you.

      1. Top 10 packaging machine manufacturers in China

      Let’s have a look at the list.

      Top 1: Anybox Machine

      Anybox Boxmaker logo

      Website –

      Established – 2014

      Products and services –

      • Carton box machines
      • Packaging machines
      • Fanfold machines
      • Hot melt machines
      • Boxmaker machines
      • Corrugated box machine and more!

      Founded in 2014, Any Box Machine stands as a leading packaging machine company based in China. They aim to provide high-class products and premium services to their customers globally. They’re popular for the BM2508 flagship machine, which is popular as the most high-tech packaging machine in the market.

      With a worldwide reach, Any Box Machine has successfully installed over a hundred machines across more than 30 countries in the world, gaining huge praise for incredible machine quality and performance.

      They’re committed to quality, which is considered the cornerstone of its product quality, and engages in research and development to bring excellent services and innovative products.

      Top 2: YOUNGSUN

      YOUNGSUN logo

      Website –

      Established – 1983

      Products and services –

      • Packaging Machine
      • Carton Sealer
      • Shrink Wrapper
      • Wrapping Machine
      • Labelling Machine
      • Strapping Machine
      • Case Erector
      • Case Packer
      • Vacuum Packaging Machine
      • Filling and Sealing Machine and more!

      Established in 1983, Young Sun is a prestigious company in the packaging machine industry. With a strong presence in China, Young Sun has expanded to 30 plus branches across various regions, boasting nine subsidiary manufacturers and eight factories. At the same time, it is a responsible company. In order to ensure the safety of factory workers, each factory manager has installed an industrial safety barrier in the factory. This can effectively reduce the occurrence of safety hazards.

      In the products aspect, they provide a wide range of products to their customers. Including case packers, packaging machines, labeling machines, filling and sealing machines, carton sealers, shrink wrappers, and more.

      At Young Sun, they also provide wonderful after-sale service to their customers to make sure they provide 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

      Top 3: BOEVAN

      Bespacker logo

      Website –

      Established – 2012

      Products and services –

      • Packaging Machines
      • Vertical Packaging Machines
      • Premade Pouch Packing Machines
      • Stick Bag Packaging Machines and more!

      Founded in 2012, Boevan is one of the finest automatic packaging solutions and vertical fill seal machine companies in China. Since it was founded, it has become a top in the packaging machine industry with the help of an expert team and strong knowledge.

      At Boevan, you can find packaging machines, vertical packaging machines, stick bag packaging machines, and more for their customers globally. The concept and technology used by the Boevan are from Europe, and the product range covers several industries, including agriculture, food, chemicals, pharma, and more.

      Top 4: Bespacker

      Bespacker logo

      Website –

      Established – 2011

      Products and services –

      • Packaging Machine
      • Bag sealing machine
      • Vacuum packaging machine
      • Filling machine
      • Labeling machine
      • Capping machine
      • Bag sealer
      • Pharmacy machine
      • Shrinking machine
      • Tube sealing machine
      • Printing machine and more!

      Established in 2011, Bespacker is one of the best companies in the packaging machine industry in China. The company is popular for food packaging machines such as hand-foot impulse sealing machines, bag sealing machines, liquid filling machines, labeling machines, vacuum packaging machines, and more.

      Bespacker is an ISO-certified company and has about 100 plus qualified workers who work hard to provide high-class services and premium quality machines to their customers globally.
      With over ten years of experience in the packaging machine sector, they’re experts in producing and designing high-tech packaging machines.

      Top 5: DAHEPACK

      DAHEPACK logo

      Website –

      Established – 1997

      Products and services –

      • Packaging machines
      • Powder packaging machines
      • Bottle filling machines
      • Powder mixer
      • Auger filler
      • Bag filling machine
      • Vertical form fill seal machines
      • Granule packaging machines and more!

      Founded in 1997, DAHEPACK is a prominent name in the packaging machine industry in China. They’re the 1st in the field in filling and powder metering technologies. For over 20 years, they’re the brand popular for their creativity and expertise. They stand for professionalism in a field that’s surrounded by stiff competition.

      These machines can do several jobs that are specially made and calibrated. They can use several types of materials. Specifically, these are spices, famed for their complicated tastes, and drugs that need strong dependability.

      DAHEPACK always strives for innovation. With their huge experience, they know how to handle customers and satisfy them with their services by providing fine after-sale services to both domestic and global clients.

      Top 6: Levapack

      Levapack logo

      Website –

      Established – 2008

      Products and services –

      • Custom Packaging Machines
      • Can Filling Machine
      • Canning Lines
      • Can Seaming Machine
      • Can Sealers
      • Can Labelling Machine
      • Can Coding Machines and more!

      Established in 2008, Levapack is a mega enterprise in the packaging machine sector. It’s popular for the finest in the class of packaging machinery. The company pledges to keep up with the required demand. They’re extremely careful in the choice of parts and materials.

      At Levapack, quality is achieved by the machine frames being made of thick steel. They use high-grade steel, which is very thicker than the market standard. Therefore, their machines are more durable and resistant.

      Levapack also uses fine-quality material for the rest of the work. Such as they only use top quality products from Schneider and Siemens for the electrical system. At Levapack, their machines are made to fit the various industries, they’re powerful and use advanced technologies.

      Top 7: Shanghai Tops

      Shanghai Tops logo

      Website –

      Established – 2000

      Products and services –

      • Packaging machines
      • Liquid Mixer
      • Power Filling Machine
      • Ribbon Blender
      • Power Mixer
      • Paddle blender
      • Double cone mixer
      • Capping machine
      • Paddle blender and more!

      Founded in 2000, Shanghai Tops occupies to top spot in the Chinese packaging sector. They’re experts in the field of package design for granule and powder products. The business has been operating in China for over 20 years.

      They mainly emphasize innovation and taking care of their clients. They provide a range of products that include advanced filling, mixing, and packaging machines. They’re used for several industries. These are made of agriculture, food, and pharma.

      Their products are popular for their flexibility and quickness. They can process several types of materials. Their main focus is quality. They seek to meet the international standards.

      Top 8: Wanhe Machinery

      Wanhe Machinery logo

      Website –

      Established – 2010

      Products and services –

      • Packaging Machines
      • Pillow packing machines
      • Vacuum packing machines
      • Labelling Machines
      • Filling Machines
      • Power packing machines
      • Liquid Packing machines
      • Shrinking machines and more!

      Established in 201, Wanhe Machinery is a top name in the field of packaging machines in China. They’re recognized for their advanced packaging and refrigeration equipment. The company provides several types of packaging machines. These are pillow packaging machines, labeling machines, power packaging machines, liquid packing machines, filling machines, shrinking machines, and more.

      At Wanhe Machinery, their product range also shows they’re able to cater to various industry needs. They are committed to novelty. They’re working on introducing complete packaging solutions that help boost adaptability and efficiency.

      Their design methodology targets to provide business enterprises with durable, flexible, and top-performance packaging systems. They are dedicated to the company the best quality machines. Further, they’ve fine client support and after-sale services.

      Top 9: Dongtai Machine

      Dongtai Machine logo

      Website –

      Established – 2008

      Products and services –

      • Packaging Machines
      • Oil Filling Machines
      • Powder Packing Machines
      • Granular Packing Machines
      • Paste Filling Machines
      • Small Bottle Filling Machines
      • Sealing machines
      • Codding machines
      • Labeling machines
      • Strapping machines and more!

      Founded in 2008, it has been a few years since Dongtai Machine became a front-runner company in the packaging industry. They’re popular for their competitive semi-automatic packaging solutions. Dongtai Machinery can serve several industries, and its adaptability and flexibility in meeting various packaging needs are proof of this.

      Their machines are reliable and strong. It provides them with strong benefits in the market because they can build machines that’ll serve efficiently for a long time. Dongtai Machine pays a lot of attention to its machines with a smooth and user-friendly design.

      At Dongtai Machine, they strive for a fast and efficient packaging operation, but they’d maintain product safety as well. This includes pastes, liquids, and granules packaging. Innovation is a key part of the business and their design is carefully studied.

      Top 10: Elin Pack

      Elin Pack logo

      Website –

      Established – 2010

      Products and services –

      • Packaging machines
      • Auger filler
      • Power packaging machines
      • Powder filling
      • Packing line
      • Power mixer and more!

      Founded in 2010, Elin Pack is specialized in the creation of smart manufacturing systems. Their expertise encompasses a huge range of services including – packaging machines, power and small particle packaging, quality control, custom packaging, and more.

      Their state-of-the-art packaging solutions are widely implemented in several fields, such as pharma, chemicals, and foods. Their skilled workers work hard to provide high-tech machines to their clients.

      At Elin Pack, they provide a complete range of packaging machines to their clients with the finest after-sale services and customer support because their main aim is to build long-term relationships with their clients.

      2. Things to consider before choosing the right packaging machine manufacturer

      1. Design

      The design of the packaging machines should be convenient to operate and simple to transport. This’ll help you move the machine from one site to another inside the factory.
      The design should be compact, which will help you save space. The design also examines the overall capacity, efficiency weight, etc. Hence, look for the new design to get the most out of it.

      2. Training

      Training is the most important thing to consider when you buy new machines. The packaging machine companies should provide essential training on operating the machinery, safety measures, maintenance, etc. Your company should arrange the training and ensure the user knows all the basic things.

      3. Continuous improvement

      The big problem if you buy from an unknown company is that you can’t get the option to upgrade your machinery after a decade or so. On the other side, if you buy from a reliable company, they’ll provide the upgrade options as well, they can take the old machinery and provide upgraded ones.

      4. Technical support

      The machines are made to work for continuous hours without long breaks. However, they also tend to break down and experience technical issues. In this situation, the packaging machine company should provide full technical support to make sure the machine runs efficiently.

      5. One-Stop Solutions

      The best packaging machine company should provide all the services related to the machines. If any company provides a machine and asks you to get help from a 3rd party, it’s nice to avoid such companies. The packaging machine companies should provide machine installation, training, shipping, repairs, technical support, customer support, upgrades, and more.

      6. Shipping

      Normally, the packaging machines will be ordered in small numbers. Here, it’s viable to visit the company in person and carry out all the operations, including shipping. Several packaging machine companies in China provide shipping facilities to clients irrespective of the number of pieces ordered. Hence, it’d help if you pick only those machine manufacturers who provide shipping services.

      7. Warranty

      For any product, a warranty is an important thing to consider. This applies even more if it’s machined, so you’d look for the warranty time provided by the company. The more the warranty period the company provides, the more peaceful you can become. Therefore, provides more importance to the warranty period.

      8. Certifications

      The company that manufactures the packaging machinery should have all the essential certifications. These make sure the company complies with all the local and international standards. The machines purchased from the packing machine factory that complies with essential certifications will help conduct your business quickly.

      3. Conclusion

      Choosing the right packaging machine company in China is an important factor for your business and its growth. The top 10 manufacturers are there, each with their specialties. This means that you can get custom solutions as well that meet your packaging requirements. Choosing the right company will increase your brand visibility and help you become efficient with premium-quality machines. This is an option that is not only about how finely your production line works now but also about your brand development in the future.

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