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    Service will be online, we have a full set of manuals, instructions, and guide videos for installation. During Covid, we have guided many customers to get the machine done by themselves. This machine is not complicated, easy to install and put into production within one day. There is also online training for your operators.

    Yes, We have English speaking engineer team, who will be 24 hours online service.

    The normal delivery time is 20 days from deposit, if it is a legal holiday, it will be postponed accordingly.

    We offer one year of warranty from the date of installation.

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      Top 10 Smart Packaging Companies in the World

      Top 10 Smart Packaging Companies in the World


      In the modern world, where technology seamlessly fits into our daily lives, smart packaging has changed from a novel concept to a smart innovation. Smart packaging has changed the way products are consumed and preserved, expanding way beyond the conventional roles of maintaining product quality and ensuring safe and smooth transport.

      The main benefit of smart packaging is its contribution to the reduction of waste. Pioneering companies have developed materials that are not just recyclable and biodegradable but also very sustainable, mainly diminishing the environmental footprint of packaging waste.

      This transformation toward environmentally friendly practices aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging operations. Moreover, smart packaging enhances product integrity and proper safety through the integration of sensors and advanced technologies that monitor and detect packaging anomalies, thereby decreasing food spoilage and expanding shelf life.

      This makes sure that products remain fresh and safe, elevating customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the incorporation of virtual tech by smart packaging companies has made packaging more convenient and user-centric, enriching the user experience with each use.

      1. Best ten smart packaging companies in the world

      The following is the list.

      Top 1: Anybox Machine (China)

      Anybox Boxmaker logo

      Website –

      Established – 2014

      Products or Services –

      • Smart packaging
      • Fanfold machines
      • Hot melt machines
      • Carton box machines
      • Packaging machines
      • Boxmaker machines
      • Corrugated box machine and more!

      Founded in 2014, Any Box Machine specializes in the production of smart packaging, hot melt machines, carton box machines, box maker machines, corrugated box machines, fanfold machines, and more.

      Based in China, Any Box Machine is one of the best companies on the list that provide premium quality products to their customers. They use advanced techniques to provide smart packaging solutions to customers globally. They delivered machines to various countries in the world.

      Any Box Machine also provides custom solutions, if your business is something special, the company handles it easily. It doesn’t matter if your order is small or big, they can help you any time.

      Top 2: BASF SE (Germany)

      BASF SE logo

      Website –

      Established – 1865

      Product or Services –

      • Smart packaging
      • Industrial solutions
      • Chemicals
      • Materials
      • Surface technologies
      • Nutrition and care
      • Agricultural solutions and more!

      Established in 1865, BASF SE is a German company with over a thousand qualified workers and professionals. The company was established to provide quality products and solutions to its customers. BASF SE specializes in making smart packaging solutions, industrial solutions, nutrition and care, materials, chemicals, and more.

      BASF SE has made acquisitions and spent over 14 billion dollars. The company has invested in several industries, such as printing, crop tech, genomics, and more. They deliver quality products timely with 100 percent satisfaction.

      If your business needs custom solutions, BASF SE can also handle your requirements. They provide excellent after-sale service and listen to every inquiry during and after the order, making them a top choice for any business.

      Top 3: Ball Corporation (USA)

      Ball Corporation logo

      Website –

      Established – 1880

      Products and services –

      • Smart packaging
      • Aluminium slugs
      • Beverage Can
      • Delivering the total package
      • Aerosol Cans
      • Household and personal care and more!

      Founded in 1880, Ball Corporation is a USA-based company. They are one of the best packaging companies in the world that provides drinks, household items, personal care, and food with smart innovation and sustainable packaging solutions.

      Furthermore, it provides aerospace, tech, and other products and services to commercial and government clients. They are doing their best to provide high quality products at affordable prices.
      It eventually became the world’s top recyclable beverage and food container company. Their products have always been distinguished by award-winning innovation and advanced quality control.

      Top 4: Smurfit Kappa Group (Ireland)

      Smurfit Kappa Group logo

      Website –

      Established – 2005

      Products and services –

      • Smart packaging
      • Retain packaging
      • Consumer packaging
      • E-commerce packaging
      • Industrial packaging
      • Solid board
      • Corrugated packaging solutions
      • Corrugated sheet board
      • Hexacomb packaging and more!

      Smurfit Kappa was established in 2005. It is based in Dublin, Ireland. The company is one of the best and largest paper-based packaging companies and the top player in corrugated packaging manufacturing.

      Smurfit Kappa has over 350 production sites in 30-plus countries with over 45,000 workers. To maximize brand impact and drive sales, they provide a huge range of retail smart packaging solutions in different materials.

      Smurfit Kappa provides optimal levels of protection and strength to meet supply chain challenges. Their Hexacomb Packaging and corrugated boxes are manufactured for high strength and ultimate durability.

      Top 5: Berry Global (USA)

      Berry Global logo

      Website –

      Established – 1967

      Products and services –

      • Provide smart packaging services in various sectors, including:
      • Building & Construction
      • Commercial & Industrial Supplies
      • DIY
      • Filtration
      • Food
      • Foodservice
      • Garden & Outdoors
      • Agriculture & Horticulture
      • Animal & Pet Care
      • Beauty & Personal Care
      • Beverage
      • Healthcare
      • Homecare and more!

      Established in 1967, Berry Global is a leading USA-based company with decades of experience in packaging solutions. Across 250 plus sites, Berry Global employs more than 45,000 globally. The company manufactures engineered and plastic packaging products.

      All stakeholders take advantage of the innovation they create, the inclusive culture they foster, and the highest value they generate.
      At Berry Global, their manufacturing and innovation communities across the world are dedicated to having a beneficial impact in small and rural communities to big urban areas by enhancing today to tomorrow can be better and better.

      Top 6: Crown Holdings (USA)

      Crown Holdings logo

      Website –

      Established – 1892

      Products –

      • Wide range of packaging solutions
      • Food packaging
      • Aerosol packaging
      • Transit packaging and more!

      Founded in 1892, Crown Holdings is the oldest and most experienced packaging solutions provider in the USA. Crown Holdings has over 34 thousand workers, over 200 manufacturing sites, and sales and services facilities in over 40 countries globally.

      At Crown Holdings, they manufacture food and beverage cans, metal containers, specialty packaging, aerosol packaging, and more.
      As a top player of smart and rigid packaging products, solutions, and services to several markets in the world, it is also a prominent provider of transits and protective packaging products.

      Top 7: Mondi (UK)

      Mondi logo

      Website –

      Established – 1967

      Products and Services –

      • Smart packaging
      • Flexible packaging
      • Specialty kraft paper
      • Corrugated solutions
      • Containerboard
      • Industrial paper bags
      • Uncoated printing paper
      • E-commerce
      • Retail
      • Publishing
      • Pet care
      • Industrial applications
      • Education, stationary, and more!

      The seventh manufacturer is Mondi. Founded in 1967, Mondi is a UK-based company that provides complete packaging solutions to their customers. The company employs around 20,000 people across more than 35 countries. Also, it operates around a hundred production sites. It provides hybrid-based packaging, paper packaging, and flexible packaging solutions globally.

      They provide products for several consumer, industrial, and retail markets. Using advanced technology and offset printing facilities, they produce a huge range of excellent uncoated papers for offices, homes, professional printing, and conversion.

      Top 8: Sealed Air (USA)

      Sealed Air logo

      Website –

      Established – 1960

      Products –

      • Smart packaging
      • Food packaging
      • Medical products
      • Protective equipment
      • Food equipment and more!

      Established in 1967, Sealed Air provides products and people with essential protection via packaging solutions, services, equipment, and automation. Sealed Air specializes in food and product packaging solutions that can elevate your business to a new level.

      Based in the USA, Sealed Air has over 16,000 workers and serves over 110 countries globally. They create smartly connected packaging via digital printing, custom design, and innovative packaging.

      Brand owners, retailers, and manufacturers can protect food safety and quality, increase high efficiency, and sustainably grow their business value through their innovative designs, materials, and systems solutions.

      Top 9: Pactiv Evergreen (USA)

      Pactiv Evergreen logo

      Website –

      Established – 2020

      Products –

      • Smart packaging in various fields:
      • Beverages
      • Bakery
      • Bags
      • Catering
      • Drinks
      • Containers
      • Egg packaging
      • Filling equipment and more!

      The ninth manufacturer we want to introduce to you is Pactiv Evergreen. Founded in 2020. Pactiv Evergreen manufactures food packaging products for restaurants, supermarkets, and food service ventures in the USA and Canada. Since it was founded, its goal has been to be more eco-friendly. They do this by using recycled, recyclable, or renewable materials for their items by the year 2030.

      This way, Pactiv Evergreen wants to contribute to making the plant more sustainable and greener. They also provide custom solutions to their customers.

      The company has 3 main products of their business – food merchandising, food service, and beverage. Merchandizing. They run more than 50 manufacturing plants, over 25 warehouses, and eight distribution sites.

      Top 10: Amcor (Australia)

      Amcor logo

      Website –

      Established – 2014

      Products –

      • Smart packaging in various industries includes:
      • Food and drinks
      • Pet care
      • Health care
      • Home care
      • Personal care
      • Specialty cartons and more!

      Founded in 2014, Amcor is a top packaging company in Australia that provides a wide range of packaging solutions for several industries, including pet care, health care, food and drinks, personal care, specialty cartons, and more.

      Their products include rigid packaging, flexible packaging, closures, and services such as testing, design, and recycling.

      The company operates in over 40 countries in more than 250 sites globally, employing nearly 47,000 workers, and pledges to develop all its packaging solutions to be reusable and recyclable by 2025.

      2. Advanced developments in the smart packaging industry

      Packaging is an industry that’s changing quickly, and it severs many areas of manufacturing, such as beverages, food, pharma, and mobile phones. The new challenge for packaging companies is to make their products sustainable by decreasing the amount of waste that can’t be recycled.

      Today several companies are doing something important – they’re replacing plastic with paper-based packaging. They want to use 1-3rd less new plastic by 2025. The effort is to get huge support from consumers who care about the environment.

      Because of this, big companies that create products are using smart packaging to create a unique mark for their business. This helps them build stronger links with clients, who, in turn, become loyal to their brand.

      3. How to choose the best smart packaging company in the world?

      In the current highly innovative market, smart packaging has become a key thing for businesses looking to improve their brand value and improve client experience. With the rise of AI and new technology, choosing the right packaging company has become vital. Here we will guide you through the procedure of selecting the right company that aligns with your business needs.

      1. Define Objectives

      Before embarking on your search for a smart packaging manufacturer. It’s vital to clearly define your objectives. Examine what you want to achieve via smart packaging, whether it is enhancing product visibility, improving supply operations, or building interactive client experience. This clarity will help narrow down options and find a manufacturer that specializes in your specific needs.

      At this point, I think of a friend of mine. He is in the wholesale waxing supplies business. His business is very successful, and I think it depends largely on the packaging of his products. He told me that when he was looking for a packaging company, he clearly told them his objectives. That is to improve the visibility of the product. Therefore, the packaging manufacturers designed a small transparent window on his packaging bag. In this way, consumers can see the product intuitively when choosing the product. Therefore, the purchase rate will be significantly increased.

      2. Evaluate Their Expertise

      When choosing a smart packaging company, it’s imperative to assess their experience in the industry. Look for a manufacturer that has a proven track record in offering innovative and efficient smart packaging solutions. Research their past projects, client feedback, and case studies to gain insights into their abilities and the results they can deliver.

      3. Consider Technology Integration

      Smart packaging relies heavily on the link of technology, such as sensors, IoT devices, and RFID tags. It is vital to pick a company that has a deep understanding of these technologies and can smoothly integrate them into your packaging solutions. Inquire about the experience with various technologies and their skill to custom solutions to meet your needs.

      4. Assess innovation and design

      Smart packaging goes beyond functionality; it also serves as branding equipment. Look for a company that emphasizes design and innovation in their packing solutions. Evaluate their portfolio for visually appealing designs that align with your business identity. A company that prioritizes design will help you make packaging that not only improves production but also captures the attention of customers.

      5. Consider the cost

      While cost shouldn’t be the only determining thing, it’s vital to consider your budget when choosing a company. Request detailed pricing details and compare it with the value they provide. Furthermore, assess their scalability and flexibility to accommodate your brand growth. Pick a company that can support your evolving requirements and provide competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

      4. Conclusion

      Choosing the right smart packaging company is an important task that can greatly impact your business success by defining various objectives, evaluating expertise, considering all these factors that we share above, and making your final decision.

      Bear in mind, that the right smart packaging company will not only meet your current needs but also can adapt to the next challenges and fuel your brand growth. Take the time to compare, research, and pick wisely to unlock the complete potential of smart packaging for your business.

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